Konkrete Beta launch on Tuesday March 14th 2023

April 12, 2023

What is Konkrete?

Konkrete is a decentralized lending protocol that enables crypto investors to create real-world value with real estate loans. We bring real-world investment to DeFi.

Konkrete allows DeFi lenders to lend their crypto to carefully selected real estate projects and generate up to 12% APY from the real economy. Konkrete lenders benefit from the peace of mind that comes with:

  • Sustainable yields from the most resilient asset class
  • Access to carefully curated deals selected by professionals
  • Yields tied to a project’s profitability and uncorrelated to crypto market conditions
  • The opportunity to integrate with other DeFi protocols (coming soon)

How it works ?

The Konkrete protocol sources real estate deals from multiple crowdfunding platforms and brokers to find the most exclusive opportunities. Then leveraging on the internal, experienced real estate audit team to carefully select unique real estate projects. Borrowers are selected based on their spotless track record and credit default rate, and are introduced to the Konkrete community.

On the investor side, crypto holders can deposit their funds to earn yield. They select the pool by assessing the APY and maturity range they are comfortable with.

Once the targeted amount of capital is raised for the pool, the Konkrete real estate team allocates the funds to the best opportunity that meets the announced pool requirements. Funds are withdrawn from the pool and exchanged to fiat to subscribe to a selected deal .

The real estate operator (or borrower) uses these funds on the ground in their local market to complete the project presented. As the lending businesses make their interest payments back to the protocol, they’re immediately exchanged from fiat to crypto and disbursed to all investors in USDC. At maturity, the initial investment deposited is paid back to investors and the pool is terminated.

Unlike other lending protocols, lenders benefit from complete transparency on how their funds will be used by the borrower all along the pool’s lifecycle.

Konkrete launches on private beta

In the coming weeks, different pools will be launched on our platform. For the first pool, Konkrete introduces an exclusive opportunity in Porto, Portugal. To join the private beta, please fill in this form with your eth address or click on the button below. We will inform you once your access is granted.

Join the Beta here !

Each pool launch will be announced on our Discord , so make sure to join to not miss out as the pools are limited and will sell out fast!

The first pool will open on March 13th 2023 at 7pm CET !

Happy launch everyone !

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